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Other areas

The Bufet Jordi Domingo maintains a great relationship with various professional offices that, both from the legal point of view (lawyers) and technical point of view (engineering, architecture, economics, medicine, financial operators...), guarantee a high level of service in those areas that –not being part of its own specialties- are absolutely essential for being able to secure maximum excellence, and high level of nuances, in the global counselling that is necessary today (specially in the contractual and litigious areas).

Therefore, for example (leaving aside the non-legal technical areas of expertise mentioned above), the Bufet Jordi Domingo stays in direct and permanent contact with high level professionals dedicated, exclusively, to fiscal or tax law, penal law, maritime law, industrial and intellectual property law, or administrative law. In all of the above cases (and above and beyond the consulting services that the Bufet Jordi Domingo has at permanent disposition) the clients may choose either to participate in the brain storming sessions that deal with their cases, or be directed attended to by the experts recommended by the Bufet itself, be it at our offices or at the offices of the professionals expressly recommended.