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The Bufet Jordi Domingo has Civil Law as one of its specialties, and has a team that is highly experienced within all its areas, both from the point of view of the study and evaluation of antecedents, situation and perspectives, as well as from the point of view of the elaboration of the strategies most adequate to the interests of the client, in accordance with the relevant legal framework

The lawyers of the Bufet Jordi Domingo have a long experience in negotiation processes, preparation, drafting and formalisation of contracts and transactions of all kinds, as well as in regulating situations within the corporate, company, family and/or legal entities spheres, foreseeing and saving future conflicts. Nevertheless, we are highly experienced in debating any conflict before the Courts of Justice or Arbitration when necessary.

Especially of note in this sector are the following aspects:



Hereditary Law

Personal and Family Law

Marital Law

Foundations and Associations

Property Management