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Rbla. Catalunya 36, ppal.
08007 Barcelona

Tel. (34) 934 882 788
Fax. (34) 934 880 740
The Bufet Jordi Domingo has always maintained a clear international vocation. As a result, it has accumulated vast experience in processes of foreign and international investment, giving legal and logistical support both to international companies establishing themselves in Spain, and Spanish companies establishing themselves abroad. The Bufet Jordi Domingo has participated in numerous international congresses, including those related to arbitration and universities. It is also a member of, amongst other organisations, the International Bar Association.

The Bufet Jordi Domingo has participated in joint venture, acquisition of interests, international contracting, and negotiation processes of all kinds in more than 50 countries, which has allowed it to acquire and maintain a wide network of contacts and collaborators across the globe.

Independently of its collaboration with international organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union, or the IOC, as well as other public institutions (city councils) in international negotiations and support projects, the Bufet Jordi Domingo was the first Spanish law firm in the former Soviet Union, with its own offices opened in Moscow for a period of over 8 years from the beginning of the Perestroika and Glaznost brought about by Mikhail Gorbachev. During this period, the founding member of the Bufet Jordi Domingo was named honorary member of the Lawyers Union of the CIS.