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A bit of history

Very close to the airport of Barcelona, at the Prat de Llobregat, we opened our first offices. In those same offices we received our first professional assignment around April 1975.


Since then more than 35 years have passed. During this long period we have encountered all sorts of situations and issues. Here, in Barcelona, as well as in quite a bit of the world (mostly in the European Union and South America, the United States, Canada, Central America, Japan, China, South-East Asia, Australia, and some African countries), we have either directly or through our system of subsidiaries or specific collaborations with other offices around the world, managed to defend and protect the interests of our clients, and/or accompany them in their commercial or entrepreneurial activities that were already underway or were yet to be undertaken. This especially applies to all those projects developed in emerging economies (engines of the future), where our professional activity has essentially been focused on facilitating the legal and logistical support that the entrepreneurial spirit of our client has needed, taking into account the special circumstances and requirements of these markets.  


One of our most important experiences was motivated by the decision in 1989/1990 to open the first Spanish office in the then Soviet Union, specifically in Moscow. The political guidelines set out at the time by the then President Mikhail Gorbachev, known as perestroika and glasnost, were the reason for the decision made then.


The impossibility at the time of working in the Soviet Union through a system of subsidiaries made us initiate a project destined to full in-person activity which in turn made it possible for us to live through –from the professional and consulting perspective- the process of transformation of the countries of the former Soviet Union from the nerve centre of the current Russian Federation.


There are many of you that know the experiences from those years and our intervention as consultants and lawyers in issues related to public and private institutions both in Moscow (and the most important capitals of the federation on both sides of the Urals) and various republics as are the Ukraine, Georgia, Yakutia, and so on. You also know of our appointment as honorary members of the once called Union of Jurists of the CEI and the active collaboration we have had with the European Union in the TACIS and PHARE programmes developed there.


This in situ activity during that period (up to 1998) granted us a great experience, and we learnt about the social, commercial and legal reality of that immense territory first hand.  This same experience allows to enjoy today excellent relationships with people and institutions that would never have been possible without this physical presence.


On the other hand, and throughout many years, we the members of the Bufet have also developed, as external collaborators, an academic background at both national and international universities in civil law, international contracting, overseas commerce, property law, and new technologies. We have been members of the Centre for the Facilitation of Trade and the Development of Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), for the study and possible regulation of new technologies and, in particular, the phenomenon or birth of commercial activity via internet (electronic commerce or e-business).