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Litigations and Arbitration
The Bufet Jordi Domingo has recognised specialists in negotiation and discussion of disagreements between parties, so as to try to avoid –if possible- the discussion of conflicts before the Courts of Justice and/or Arbitration. Furthermore, once any litigious process has been initiated, it is attempted to obtain (should this be in the client’s interests) a judicial transaction to the end of saving the time and the cost that this sort of situation usually entails.

If the litigation/confrontation results to be unavoidable, the Bufet Jordi Domingo has a long and successful history of interventions before the Courts of Justice with competence on Spanish territory, as well as before Courts of Arbitration on a national and international level.

The Bufet Jordi Domingo has a wide ranging list of contacts (both at the national and international level) for obtaining the advice and technical information (non legal) necessary for guaranteeing an adequate defence of the interests of the client, before both Judicial and Arbitration Courts, without prejudice to always giving –obviously- priority to the experts or specialists, that the client may bring into the fold.

Given the specialisation acquired –during more than 35 years- in this field, the Bufet Jordi Domingo can undertake the defence of the client’s interests within any area: civil, commercial, real estate, town planning, administrative, maritime, tax, or criminal, given that it has at its disposal not only its own internal specialists, but also specific collaborators –in specific areas- with great prestige both at the national and international level.